Movable Sprinkler Guide

The movable irrigation system consists of five main components i.e; Water pump, suction pipe, delivery pipe, sprinkler, and other plumbing fittings. Most times, when you buy individual components, you might need the services of a technician to assemble them on site. This means an extra expenditure on something which you can do by yourself. All

Efficient water usage: During irrigation, water is lost in various ways. These include runoffs, evaporation, deep percolation to zones that are inaccessible by crop roots, and other ways. During drip irrigation, water is applied where it is required, when it is needed. The percentage of water that is effectively used by plants during drip irrigation

There are currently 1,322,601,076 people in Africa and this population will grow by 200 million people in the next five years. By 2030, Africa will be home to 20% of the world’s population. By 2050, Africa’s population will be 2.4 billion people. This population growth is driving global food demand higher. This is, in turn,


There are a few sprinklers on the current market with a smoother and gentler performance than the Luxor sprinkler. The gear drive system enables it to rotate smoothly, quietly, and at a uniform speed. It also enables uniform water distribution over the irrigated area. The Luxor sprinkler has a jet stream breaker which makes the

Sprinkler irrigation is a modern irrigation method. Its application by farmers saves them from the cumbersome work they have to do to irrigate their farms. These systems supply water similar to rainfall. As water is distributed through the pipes, by pumping, it is sprayed into the atmosphere through a sprinkler. Water is a fundamental element


If you are starting your water pumping and irrigation journey, there are some things you would like to know about selecting and operating generators to run your pumps. A farm or home without running water is hard to manage. To enjoy farming you need to have an option to supply water by using a generator


The mist sprinkler is an efficient and robust impact sprinkler that is used in various agricultural and landscape irrigation applications. This sprinkler has a jet breaker that ensures uniform water distribution and a smooth jet meaning that it can be used even on vulnerable crops like vegetables without damaging their leaves. The mist sprinkler is

A solar water pumping system is an excellent investment for your farm during irrigation, home, or business. It’s an alternative to the engine and electric-driven pumping systems. Solar water pumping saves you from spending on monthly electric or fuel bills to run your pumps.   The sun is a natural resource and thanks to advanced